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What are Rarely Asked Questions

I frequently get asked 'What is a Rarely Asked Question?' Well, Rarely Asked Questions are obviously far more interesting than the more usual Frequently Asked ones, so I've concentrated on them to make the site far more exciting.

Why are photo uploads limited to 10M?

There has to be a limit, both to save your data allowance and also to avoid using up too much space on my server. If there were no limit, and you were a dodgy user, you could soon clog up my site by uploading huge files, so the limit is 10M. If you want to send me larger files, just get in touch via the feedback form and I'll get back to you.

Why do I have to type in Ian's home county when sending feedback?

Why do I need to register before I can log my progress on a walk?

Why does the mapping and tracking feature only work in the UK?

How do I remove my account?

Why is there no comprehensive accommodation guide?

How do I cut down on weight carrying on the walk?

Why do I sometimes see photos and other stuff about Barnsley Football Club on here?

Why is my question not included here?

Because you've not yet got round to using the feedback form to send me your question. I'll try to answer it as best I can and include it on here, if it's interesting enough. Don't worry, it will be.