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Help, Hints and Tips on the Wild Yorkshire Way Website


Legal stuff, you really should read it, but I know you probably won't...

Welcome to the Wild Yorkshire Way website. If you continue to browse and use this website, this means you agree with the following terms and conditions: -


This is a non-commercial private website and is not connected with any company, and is for your personal enjoyment and for general information only.

The content, layout and functions of the website are subject to change without notice, and no warranties whatsoever are provided or implied regarding the accuracy, completeness, usability, suitability or the content on the website.

This website may contain links to other websites, which may have their own terms and conditions, and this website accepts no responsibility for the content of any external linked websites.

If, as a result of the information on the website, you decide to take part in any outdoor activities, including walking, hiking or camping, whether on the Wild Yorkshire Way or not, you do so at your own risk and you accept responsibility for your own safety and navigation on your trip.

The Route shown on this website makes use of public rights of way and/or permissive paths as far as possible, but in some of the wilder regions the route is pathless or uses undocumented paths. No responsibility is accepted if access to you on any part of the route is barred by the landowner for whatever reason. Please note that wild camping is not legally permitted anywhere on the route, and you should obtain permission if you intend to camp.


Except as below, the entire content of this website, including photos and any scripts or software, is Copyright © 2013 - 2019 Ian Fletcher. You are free to use any of the photos in the Gallery for any reasonable purpose, provided you acknowledge this website as the source. You may not use any software, including JavaScript functions, HTML/PHP files or any other information on the website.

The mapping on this website uses the OS OpenSpace (© Crown copyright and database rights 2019 Ordnance Survey) system, which is free of charge and subject to the End User agreement contained in Schedule 2 of the OS OpenSpace Developer Agreement.


This website uses JavaScript, which must be enabled on your browser to use some of the functions on the website. If you decide to disable JavaScript in your browser, some functions, notably some of the Mapping functions, will not work.

The Mapping functions make use of the Geolocation function (if available), including GPS, in your computer, laptop, tablet or phone.


This website does not use cookies, but data about you may be stored in a number of ways: -

Firstly, if you register to use the Mapping function to share your walk progress, the user name and password you enter will be saved, but no other personal information will be recorded. We recommend you choose a user name which will only be recognisable to your friends and family.

Secondly, if you decide to share your progress on a walk, your location, including the time and date, and any information you voluntarily add as a marker for a point on your route, will be available on this website to all those who know the PIN you have specified for your walk. If you do not specify a PIN, your walk will be public and your location and other information you enter can be seen by anyone on the internet.

Thirdly, if you use the Contact page on this website, the information you enter there, including any pictures you upload, will be stored and may be used on the website. If you upload a photo, you agree to this photo being used and you confirm that any persons who are recognisable in the photo agree with its use. If you do not wish a photo or any other information to be used, you should either not upload it, or include a message asking for it to be kept private.


Just to see if anyone actually reads this stuff, if you get this far you deserve a beer. Let me know when you're on the Wild Yorkshire Way and where you are, and I'll try and arrange it if I'm about. You get the next one...