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The Wild Yorkshire Way
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Here you can read a personal account of the route for this stage, together with route maps centred around the start and end points, and information on transport connections, pubs, accommodation and camp sites. You can see a photo gallery, browse through the walk stages, and you can use Google search to look up the start and end points of your day's walking. GPX files for your sat nav are available for download, but please don't blame me if you get lost following them!

From: Hangingstone ScarTo: Keld Lodge, Keld (alternative via Tan Hill Inn)19.7 miles31.7 km958m ascent1073m descent
ThumbnailThis is a route for really fit and strong walkers, nearly 20 miles and 1000m of ascent and descent, and those who know me will realise why I didn't do it. The Tan Hill Inn on the Pennine Way is the true highest pub in England, despite other pubs claiming the same. The main route heads from Ravenseat to Keld, as despite the attractions of the Tan Hill Inn the walking is only average, and it's a big detour. However, you could split it into 2 days by staying at Ravenseat (or getting a taxi from there and back in the morning), or by staying at the Tan Hill Inn for a short day to Keld on the next day. The Tan Hill Inn is loved by walkers and bikers, but be careful - the loveable but eccentric landlady has been known to snatch buzzing and vibrating mobiles from customers and drop them in a glass of water. Rooms and camping are available here, along with beer and food. Follow the main route to Ravenseat, then just beyond the farm turn left and climb up to Robert's Seat. Cross the lonely moor before descending to West Stonesdale, then climb up again to Tan Hill, joining the road just before the pub. From the pub, head south on the Pennine Way, but be sure to step aside to make room for PW walkers heading for Kirk Yetholm - they'll need all their energy on the morass of Sleightholme Moor if it's wet. They won't have heard of the Wild Yorkshire Way, but if you get chatting you could always Bluetooth them a link. Follow the Pennine Way south all the way to Keld, through old mine workings (more of which we will see later). This alternative rejoins the main route at East Stonesdale bridge, but if you are heading for Keld Lodge I'm afraid you will have to climb the hill and retrace your steps in the morning.
Bus LogoKirkby Stephen: KeldBeer LogoTan Hill Inn: Keld Lodge
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Car LogoB6270: Ravenseat: Tan Hill: KeldTent LogoRavenseat: Tan Hill Inn: Keld Bunk Barn, Rukins, Keld
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