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The Wild Yorkshire Way
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Here you can read a personal account of the route for this stage, together with route maps centred around the start and end points, and information on transport connections, pubs, accommodation and camp sites. You can see a photo gallery, browse through the walk stages, and you can use Google search to look up the start and end points of your day's walking. GPX files for your sat nav are available for download, but please don't blame me if you get lost following them!

From: Great WhernsideTo: Healey15.1 miles24.3 km274m ascent789m descent
ThumbnailIf you spent the night in Kettlewell you will have a tough climb up to Great Whernside to start, so get a taxi or persuade (bribe) someone to give you a lift back up to Little Hunters Sleets to ease the pull up onto the summit. From the summit retrace your steps back north along the ridge, dropping below the 700m contour for the last time on the walk, and continue on to the liquefied summit of Little Whernside in very difficult terrain. At the col between Great and Little Whernside, you may be tempted to take the bridleway down into Nidderdale to get away from the bogs, and I wouldn't blame you if you did - you can regain the main route at Gollinglith Foot or Healey. For those with suitable footwear and gaiters, wallow along the featureless flat endless moor via Little Whernside, where we now leave the 600m contour for the last time on the walk, to Dead Man's Hill and on to Great Haw. In bad weather this section will be torture, and as the great Wainwright once wrote "you will feel a distinct urge to lay down and let life ebb away". However, there are no navigation difficulties as there is a fence or wall throughout. Descend from Great Haw, dropping below the 500m contour for the last time, and follow the York Dike Drain almost to South Haw before turning left to descend into Colsterdale via Steel House Gill, the first running water for 24 miles, where you can wash the black oozing mess from your body (usually from your waist down). Continue along the valley to Gollinglith Foot, which marks a major change in terrain. Here we leave the Dales and start our low level country ramble to the North York Moors, and the good news is there's no more peat to come, although there may be some mud, or a similar substance usually produced by cows. The bad news is that Gollinglith Foot is still remote and has no bus service, but there's a nice B & B about 2 miles further along the road at Healey, which is a good place for tonight's stop, especially if you wild camped on Great Whernside and spent today wobbling about in peat bogs. If you can stagger a bit further, there's a nice pub on the road to Fearby, where there's also a camp site.
Bus LogoHealeyBeer LogoMasham: (Black Swan, Fearby - off route)
Train LogoNoneBed LogoFirs Farm B & B, Healey: Masham: (Black Swan, Fearby - off route)
Car LogoLittle Hunters Sleets: Colsterdale (off route): Gollinglith Foot: HealeyTent LogoBlack Swan, Fearby (off route)
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