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The Wild Yorkshire Way
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Here you can read a personal account of the route for this stage, together with route maps centred around the start and end points, and information on transport connections, pubs, accommodation and camp sites. You can see a photo gallery, browse through the walk stages, and you can use Google search to look up the start and end points of your day's walking. GPX files for your sat nav are available for download, but please don't blame me if you get lost following them!

From: HealeyTo: Ainderby Quernhow18 miles29 km175m ascent291m descent
ThumbnailToday starts off in beautiful rural surroundings on the Ripon Rowell walk, much of it along the banks of the River Ure which we last met at Aysgarth Falls and long before that on The High Way near Mallerstang Edge. From here to Kilburn is about 35 miles, which I did in 2 days but on reflection (and on viewing my blisters) many walkers would prefer to split it into 3 sections - Healey to West Tanfield (11.5 miles), West Tanfield to Carlton Miniot (11.3 miles), and Carlton Miniot to Kilburn (12 miles). Anyway, the first part of the walk to West Tanfield is delightful. Head out of Healey on the road, and turn right next to the village school before joining the Ripon Rowel Walk at a left turn. At the road, turn left up the hill and ignore the footpath signposted to the golf club, then turn right further along to continue the walk to Masham (pronounced Massum). Here you will find two of the finest of all industries - breweries, the first since High Bradfield ages ago on day 2. After suitable refreshments in Masham, continue along the Ripon Rowel walk along the banks of the River Ure, through lovely wooded gorges teeming with wildlife. Our destination for the evening is Ainderby Quernhow, but if you want to cut short the day at West Tanfield (recommended), there's a couple of pubs for a nice overnight stay. There's a camp site a mile further on at Sleningford Mill, but it's on the wrong side of the river, so unless you're a strong swimmer (or carrying a canoe in your pack) you'll have to retrace your steps in the morning. For those carrying on to Ainderby Quernhow, the route now gets a bit "fiddly", mainly caused by having to find crossing points for 3 major features - the rivers Ure and Swale, and the A1(M) motorway. There's no obvious route and some road walking, but console yourself with the thought that there's no peat bogs. Watch out when leaving West Tanfield, as the tempting Ripon Rowel Walk leaves the village south of the River Ure and there's no crossing point until Ripon, well off our route, although you could cheat and get a bus from Ripon to Thirsk, missing out the road walking sections. From the village centre head east on the road following the north bank of the river past a bridleway heading north to a collection of cottages called Manor Farm on the map, but now renamed (and yes I forgot to note the new name!) near the deserted medieval village of East Tanfield. Ignore the first bridleway heading north, and turn left here onto a bridleway heading north east. It's a pleasant change from road walking, but there's little of interest until, ascending an almost imperceptible rise on the track, the distant outline of the North York Moors appears, with Hambleton End and the Cleveland Hills visible in good weather. This should urge you on a bit to join the B6267 road, then follow this under the A1(M) motorway to Ainderby Quernhow. You may question why I've shown this as a stopping point, since there's nothing here apart from houses - no pub (the one marked on the map is now a private house), no accommodation, no shop. The reason is that it's close to the A1 and therefore has a mobile signal on most networks, so you can book a hotel in Thirsk or Carlton Miniot from here. If you carried on, you'd eventually end up exhausted somewhere with no mobile signal. If you split the route at West Tanfield, as I recommend, you'll obviously continue on from here.
Bus LogoMasham: West Tanfield: Ainderby QuernhowBeer LogoBull Inn, Bruce Arms, West Tanfield
Train LogoNoneBed LogoBull Inn, Bruce Arms, West Tanfield
Car LogoHealey: Masham: West Tanfield: Ainderby QuernhowTent LogoSleningford Mill, West Tanfield (1 mile)
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