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The Wild Yorkshire Way
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Here you can read a personal account of the route for this stage, together with route maps centred around the start and end points, and information on transport connections, pubs, accommodation and camp sites. You can see a photo gallery, browse through the walk stages, and you can use Google search to look up the start and end points of your day's walking. GPX files for your sat nav are available for download, but please don't blame me if you get lost following them!

From: Norfolk Arms, RinginglowTo: Back Tor14.4 miles23.2 km680m ascent470m descent
ThumbnailFrom Ringinglow, head into the Peak District National Park on the old turnpike, Houndkirk Road, climbing up onto the moor to the highest point yet reached at 427m. Descend to the Fox House Inn, where surely there's time for early refreshments? Of course there is, and one of the staff will greet you with a smile and a pint. You will have to pay for the pint, but the smiles are free. From the Fox House, cross the road and turn left on a B road, then immediately turn off on a path through a wood. When the path forks, take the right fork and cross the main road, continuing on a well worn path, which you can follow all the way to Upper Burbage Bridge if you prefer. Our route however branches off to the left and climbs up to Carl Wark Fort and Higger Tor beyond, eventually reaching the car park at Upper Burbage Bridge, where there is sometimes an ice cream van on summer weekends. From here, head west to join the famous Stanage Edge, a rock climber's paradise, and follow the edge over High Neb all the way to the A57 Snake Pass road near Moscar Lodge. In bad weather, there are a couple of shelters close to High Neb if you need to ride out a storm. At Moscar Lodge, an important decision has to be made - from here on is just about the wildest part of the route, and there's no accommodation for the next 2 nights unless you've got a tent, sleep under the stars or take my recommended alternative pub route (see tomorrow's description). From Moscar Lodge you can take the road to the Strines Inn, where there's food and lodging, but you'll miss out on magnificent views from Derwent Edge, one of the highlights of the entire walk. My tip in good weather would be to continue on the main route, as (energy permitting) you could take a 2 mile detour to the Strines later, so head west along the A57 road, then turn right on the Strines Road and climb up to the Wheel Stones on Derwent Edge, with its spectacular wind-sculptured rocks with bizarre names like Salt Cellar and Cakes of Bread. You'll enjoy tremendous views into the Derwent Valley far below, whistling the theme from Dambusters as you march along. At Back Tor, you've reached the highest point so far at 538m, which is a great place for a bivouac or wild camp in good weather, otherwise head east down to the Strines Inn (about 2 miles) for beer, food, company and a bed.
Bus LogoRinginglowBeer LogoFox House Inn, Longshaw: Strines Inn (2 miles)
Train LogoSheffieldBed LogoStrines Inn (2 miles)
Car LogoRinginglow Road: A6187: Upper Burbage Bridge: A57Tent LogoDerwent Edge (wild): Back Tor (wild)
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